Importer of Record: Brazil



Brazil is one of the most complicated and expensive destinations to import IT hardware due to protectionist tax practices and a bureacratic customs clearance process. Brazilian customs requires you to be RADAR registered with appropriate IT import authorizations to import your hardware needs.

FGX’s importer of record service provides you with a safe, fast, and cost-efficient way to deploy IT hardware into Brazil.

Country Datasheet:

Importer of Record Available:

Exporter of Record Available:

Import Permit Required:

Used Equipment Permitted:

Import Taxes:


Duties on IT Hardware:


Typical Clearance Time:

310 Days

Hardware Cost Savings:


Ship IT Hardware Internationally to Brazil:

Thank you for visiting FGX! We are a logistics and compliance company. Brazil is a complicated market. If you’re coming to us specifically looking for answers with Brazil you probably fall into one of a few different buckets:

1) You’ve either tried to deploy into Brazil from the US and quite possibly never got your consignment out of customs.

2) You may have tried to purchase in Brazil and recognize that it’s very expensive and they may not have the SKU availability that you are looking for.

3) This is the first time that you’re really taking a look at this market and it’s new for you.

Maybe you have questions about the duties and taxes they seem very expensive, or about some of the bureaucracies and requirements from an import perspective. There’s all sorts of licenses that you have to procure. In either case we’re specialists and we can help you.